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  • Metal Gear Online hasn't even been active a week and yet and it's dealing with some pretty serious issues. First there's the whole real-money for in-game insurance thing, and as Eurogamer reports, there's a load of balancing and server issues too. But, who needs a game when you could have bitchin' watch modeled after the one Big Boss/Venom Snake/Who Even Knows wears in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? While you're enjoying today's broadcast you have the distinct chance to win just that: a Seiko watch that's subtle enough to not trigger any alarms, but those in the know will give a hearty smile if they spot it.

  • I'm going to admit this right up front: I wasn't looking forward to covering the first-ever TwitchCon. Sure, I co-host our weekly Playdate broadcasts and absolutely adore talking with our community of regulars who show up three times per week to watch us play games, but outside of that, I didn't spend time on Twitch. My worry for TwitchCon was that I'd be trapped inside Moscone West in San Francisco with thousands of screaming "personalities" -- like the guy I'd watched (for approximately 45 seconds, max) shout and swear his way through Choice Chamber, for an entire weekend. That all changed after attending a number of panels and talking with some of the biggest broadcasters on the service. This first show was one of the best events I've been to for work, period. And I recently found myself doing something I never thought: watching Twitch for fun.


  • The desert shouldn't exist. At the very least, people shouldn't live there. We did, only not by choice.

    When I decided to develop a virtual reality game based on my simultaneous repulsion and nostalgia for my hometown of Dewey, Arizona, I asked my friend and business partner Cody to score it. Cody and I met almost 10 years ago as young, bored kids who shared a love for punk and hardcore music; kids who also shared a mutual disdain for our desert roots. While I eventually escaped Arizona, moving to California for college and finding an outlet in art, Cody stayed in Phoenix, becoming a fixture in the local music scene, and blossoming into a writer, poet and killer guitar player. I knew he would be the perfect person to make sense of it all: the desolate landscape, the hilarious rednecks, the ramshackle towns and the searing heat. I was ecstatic when he agreed and couldn't wait to get started.

  • APTOPIX Microsoft Windows 10

    Microsoft has already said its mixed reality headset, HoloLens, will be reaching developers early next year. But while we wait for that to happen, the company plans to take it on tour across the US and Canada, in an event that's going to give developers the chance to try the device firsthand. They'll also be able to meet members of the HoloLens team and learn how to create holographic experiences, which is a smart way to lure in any dev who's thinking about paying the $3,000 for a test unit. The live demo trip begins October 13th in Seattle, followed by Toronto, Salt Lake City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Atlanta and, lastly, Austin. To register, as well as find out the exact dates for each city, check out the event's dedicated site.

    Via: Windows Central

    Source: Microsoft

  • HBO Latino: El Negocio - Private Dinner

    HBO's Go on-demand streaming service is set to launch in Latin America and the Caribbean as a standalone subscription product, the network revealed today. While HBO Go has been available in these areas for pay-TV subscribers, cord-cutters will soon be able to enjoy too -- but with some added benefits. The service is expected to be similar to HBO Now, which is only available in the US, offering access to both live TV as well VOD content. HBO says it plans to rollout the service in Spanish-speaking markets across Latin America and the Caribbean, plus Brazil (Portuguese), by the end of this year. First up: Colombia, with more to follow thereafter.

  • Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection™_20151008041723

    PlayStation doesn't have an official mascot character, but if it did, developer Naughty Dog's Nathan Drake would probably fit the bill. Much like Microsoft did last year with Halo: The Master Chief Collection to get fans ready for Halo 5: Guardians on Xbox One, Sony's gone back and revamped the three main Uncharted games and put them into Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection to prep folks for next spring's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End on PlayStation 4. How do the eight, six and four year old games hold up? And was the remastering really necessary? Tune in on this post, Twitch.tv/joystiq (if you'd like to join us in chat) or the Engadget Gaming homepage at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific as myself and Sean Buckley find out.

  • Sony America announced on Thursday that the wait for its PS4 universal remote is nearly over. The much-anticipated accessory is set to go on sale for $30 "later this month," according to a company post. The remote will serve to replace the DualShock controller for non-gaming applications. It will communicate via a Bluetooth connection and be able to control up to three additional AV devices. What's more, it will also be compatible with a number of existing streaming apps including Crunchyroll, HBO Go, Netflix (obvs), Twitch and YouTube. If you can't wait to purchase it in person when it actually hits store shelves, Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and Toys R Us all have it available for pre-order.

    Source: Sony Playstation Blog

  • Google Chromecast review (2015): Not much new, but still worth $35

    The original Chromecast proved that big surprises can come in small packages. Even though it was just a $35 HDMI dongle the size of a pack of gum, it had the power to transform any TV into a smart one, as long as you had a smartphone, tablet or computer nearby. Sure it wasn't as full-featured as other media streamers, but for the price, it was a bargain. Fast-forward to 2015, and there's a brand-new Chromecast in town with a new look and a promise of faster speeds, all at the same price. No, it's not that much better than the original, but it still delivers great bang for your buck.Slideshow-326622

  • The MiiVerse website is about bringing Nintendo's online community together, among other things. But up until today, the virtual hub was missing features that could have made it even more useful. Thankfully, Nintendo has revamped the site (again), adding a handful of social tidbits that users are bound to appreciate. Along with now being able to see what's trending on MiiVerse, you can also get a quick glimpse at how other players across the network are doing on their games -- via the Play Journal feed. And in case you've never visited it, you can check out the refreshed site at miiverse.nintendo.net.

    Source: Nintendo

  • Apple Unveils New IPhones, IPad And Apple TV With Touch Remote

    While Apple previously said it would officially launch the revamped Apple TV this month, you might not actually see it until November, reports 9to5Mac. Sources tell the site that the new set-top box won't be hitting Apple stores until next month, and while it may still pop up for online orders later this month, online shoppers will probably have to wait until November to receive it, as well. Though it was unveiled alongside the iPhone 6S and iPad Pro, the new Apple TV feels like the most interesting Apple device this season. That's probably because we've been waiting so long for a legitimate upgrade to the 2012 Apple TV, which added 1080p support and a new design. (Yes, it's insane Apple didn't add 1080p until 2012.) The new set-top finally adds an App Store, and it runs a new operating system dubbed tvOS (an iOS spinoff). It also comes with a an upgraded remote that adds a touchpad (no more clicking that darn circle pad) and voice control.

    Source: 9to5Mac

  • After its stint as a 90-day Apple TV exclusive had come and gone, it seemed like HBO Now would never end up on the Roku. But, if you've been pining for episodes of Veep on your set-top box of choice, your wait is finally over. Beginning today the app (or Channel as Roku calls them) is available for download on all Roku players and televisions introduced after May 2011. New users can sign up for a account directly within the app and for $14.99 a month can catch up on Game of Thrones, True Detective, Leftovers and The Wire (one of the greatest TV shows ever). New users get a 30-day free trial and current subscribers can just log in with their current account info even if they signed up via the Apple TV.

    Source: Roku

  • BBC HQ

    The BBC's Royal Charter isn't due for renewal until the end 2016, but it's already come under fire from the UK government over how it's funded and its perceived public value. Ministers have suggested extending the standard licence fee to include subscriptions and asked whether TV, radio and online services are damaging commercial competitors. This led to Director-General Tony Hall outlining plans for a more "open" BBC last month, but he's back today with a fresh round of commitments (and suggestions) aimed at convincing the public it can do what is asked of it.

    Via: BBC Media Centre

    Source: BBC

  • The Last of Us: One Night Live Reading/Performance At The Broad Stage

    Last month the Screen Actor's Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists started the process to strike in an effort to be better compensated. Now, the union members have voted and over 96 percent feel that a strike is in order to protect themselves. As a refresher, the organized voice actors are asking for royalties on games they performed in that sell over two million copies, stunt pay for particularly stressful roles (those sustained screams and yells can do damage) and stunt coordinators for certain situations, among other things. Where do the actors like the cast of The Last of Us up above go from here? Back to the collective bargaining table. This vote doesn't mean that the union will strike, but it gives them the option to do so if negotiations fall apart.

    [Image credit: Imeh Akpanudosen via Getty Images]

    Via: IGN

    Source: Screen Actors Guild

  • League of Legends

    The BBC will tap into the popular world of eSports next week by offering live coverage of the League of Legends World Championships for the first time. From October 15th, BBC Three will deliver action from all four days of the quarter finals at Wembley, with Radio 1 DJ Dev Griffin hosting proceedings. He'll be joined by gaming casters Leigh 'Deman' Smith and James 'Stress' O'Leary, who will offer additional context on the action as it unfolds.

    Source: BBC Media Centre

  • The folks behind Skullgirls are at it again, and this time they're taking to crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo for a hand in creating a gorgeous hand-drawn role-playing game, Indivisible. As BoingBoing points out, perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of the whole deal here is how it's being funded. The game's total budget is $3.5 million, and if the IndieGoGo campaign reaches its $1.5 million goal, publisher 505 Games (Adr1ft, Abzu) will kick in the balance. If you're hesitant about throwing money down, there's a demo prototype available that you can download for Windows.

    Via: BoingBoing

    Source: IndieGoGo

  • You watched our stream of Star Wars: Battlefront but you didn't win one of the early access codes we were giving away and you feel a little left out. That's understandable, but know this: Come Thursday at 1PM ET / 10AM PT, you can play for yourself regardless of luck. Make sure you have at least 8GB of free space on your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One or 11GB open on your PC's hard drive though. Word comes via the game's community manager on Twitter. Need something to do until the beta unlocks for you? The embedded Playdate video below will make your wait just over two hours shorter.

    Source: Sledgehammer70 (Twitter)

  • Michelle Obama And Disney CEO Robert Iger Hold News Conference On Disney's Nutritional Guidelines

    Disney Interactive recently announced it was retiring close to 100 applications, claiming that it wants to focus on building "new and more engaging" games. The Disney branch, which is behind the popular Infinity toys-to-life series, says the decision was difficult to make but needed to be done. Most of the affected Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps were outdated, since they had been based on older films. Among them are Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon, Lone Ranger, Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Cars: Numbers & Counting, G-Force: Mooch Fly, Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage and many more. While some of these titles may still be playable and available for download, Disney Interactive says it won't be supporting or updating them going forward. It also said it's not responsible for getting you your money back for any of these retired apps -- the full list is right here.

    Via: Talk Android

    Source: Disney Interactive

  • Although Vizio is known for making affordable 4K TVs, the manufacturer's also busy exploring other areas. Revealed back in April, its Reference Series television sets are designed for home entertainment buffs, featuring Dolby's Vision high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging technology -- which promises astonishing colors, contrast and brightness. Vizio's making its Reference Series available in two sizes, 65- and 120-inch, and they are both LED-backlit, Smart UHD TVs with Dolby and DTS sound options to boot. If you're interested, be prepare to break the bank: The 65-inch model costs $6,000, while the bigger 120-inch is priced at a whopping $130,000. You can order either one now from Vizio's site.

    Source: Vizio

  • Amazon Fire TV

    Amazon has found pretty significant success with some of its original shows -- particularly the Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning Transparent -- and it seems the company's TV ambitions don't stop with on-demand programming. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is considering an online TV service that broadcasts live and includes programming from major players like CBS and NBC. Dan Rayburn of the Streaming Media blog posted a similar report yesterday, noting that Amazon has been talking to multiple players in the content space to find out how much it would cost to license the content it wants. Rayburn says that its possible Amazon's just looking to know more about the economics of the market rather than make its own product, but either way it seems Amazon is interested in learning more about how it could launch its own live streaming video platform.

    Source: Streaming Media Blog

  • Twitch would be nothing without its broadcasters and viewers, and the livestreaming service is fiercely protective of both. So much so that to prevent its first-ever TwitchCon conference from transforming into a promotional event for exhibitors, rather than a meet-up for its community, the company was willing to turn down exhibitor support. The goal, as Matt DiPietro, Twitch's VP of marketing, explained it, was to keep the show laser focused on community so it doesn't turn into something like Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and the Game Developers Conference (GDC) have: huge but at the expense of their initial focus. "What TwitchCon has to be about is the broadcasters and their fans," he said in an interview from the show. "Everything we do, we think about the broadcasters first because that's what brings the fans and creates the content."

  • Freeview Play, the new service that marries live and catch-up TV in the same programming guide, launched earlier this month. Not that many people have been able to give it a whirl, since it's only been accessible on Panasonic's 2015 range of Viera TVs via a software update. You'll see plenty of new goggleboxes supporting Freeview Play as standard in the near future, but today Humax has released the first set-top box that adds Play functionality to whatever currently takes pride of place in your living room. The WiFi-enabled Humax FVP-4000T boasts a compact design and "leather-look top," available in "mocha" or "cappuccino" colour schemes and two storage configurations. The 500GB version, which should afford enough space for around 300 hours of recorded TV, is priced at £200, while the 1TB model is only a little more expensive at £230. You'll find them on sale now through Humax's online store, as well as at retailers including Argos, Tesco, Maplin, Currys/PC World and John Lewis.Slideshow-326682

    Source: Humax

  • Much like the original Chromecast streaming stick, Google's new Chromecast video and audio gadgets aren't things you'd want to try and repair if anything goes wrong. "Ultimately any device like those in the Chromecast family will be the same story—a board in a box," iFixit declared in its teardown. Then again, at just $35, you're probably better off just replacing your Chromecast when it conks out. There are some intriguing reveals in iFixit's teardown though: Google went a bit thermal paste crazy this time around, which should help the new Chromecast avoid overheating as much as its predecessor. It also looks like the HDMI cable in the video Chromecast is plenty tough, while also being internally detachable. If it does get damaged, there's a chance you'll be able to swap it out for a new part. Beyond that, both the audio and video Chromecast models look pretty similar internally.

    Source: iFixit

  • Samsung has given us a glimpse of the earnings report it's releasing in late October, and it shows an operating profit worth 7.3 trillion won or $6.25 billion for July to September 2015. That's a 79.8 increase from the same period last year, according to Reuters, and the company's biggest since the beginning of 2014. Bloomberg's analyst say the mobile division's profit "probably rose 24 percent to 2.2 trillion won ($1.9 billion), the first year-on-year rise in seven quarters." While the S6's shipments have reportedly dropped, a big price cut on Samsung's flagship and the release of lower-end, mostly below-$200 phones for developing nations made the increase possible.

    Source: Reuters, Bloomberg, Samsung, Yonhap News

  • One of Microsoft's most exciting products to date is HoloLens, and today the company revealed a new mixed reality game for the headset called Project XRay. The title was developed internally, according to Executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group Terry Myerson. Similar to the Minecraft experience on HoloLens, Project XRay also looks incredible -- particularly because you can turn most any room into your own gaming canvas. Here, though, you're wearing a holographic weapon on your arm, which you'll need to defend yourself from an attack of flying robots. Once they crawl out of the walls, you can shoot lasers at them -- yes, lasers. "Holograms behave just like real objects; they can interact with environments and with each other," said the Microsoft representative on stage about Project XRay.Slideshow-326467

  • Microsoft sign outside building 99

    First was Apple, then Google and now it is Microsoft's turn to show us fresh devices ahead of the holiday season. As for what we can expect from today's event, Microsoft is rumored to have a few Windows 10 phones on tap, along with details about the Windows 10 Mobile rollout and, most importantly, a new Surface Pro -- the fourth generation of its top-of-the-line hybrid laptop/tablet series. That said, there might be a surprise or two during the keynote, so you're going to want to keep your eyes peeled. You can watch the stream here at 7AM PT/10AM ET, and we'll also be liveblogging the festivities from New York City this morning.

    Source: Microsoft

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